Top Down Colour Game – Chroma


  • 2D Mechanic
  • C# Programming (basic)


As a very first game made during the first semester of University, we were tasked with taking the framework of a top-down zombie shooter, getting it out of our system, and creating our first game. It uses a variety of different coloured ammo to only be effective against that colour enemy. I was proud of my core mechanic and idea and maybe one day I can revisit the project and execute it better, with my vastly improved skills.


Responsible for all elements of the game and video


  • Unity 2D
  • Adobe Photoshop






Stage 1, Semester 1: Games Workshop (Top-Down Zombie Shooter)


With my current knowledge, I would easily be able to add a NavMesh, smart AI (navigation, attacking etc), better graphics, better UI and a generally better game. I did really like my core mechanic and was proud of my video, despite the game not being great.

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