Self Learning and Practice – 17.09.2018

I have been working quite a bit for the last few days, trying to establish an idea for my final year project – as well as practicing my modelling, texturing and handpainting skills ready for the term to resume. I have moved to blender which is free but also allows for easy painting onto the object itself. This has been really useful for learning Blender, its many shortcuts and querks.

As such, I wanted to create a range of goblin-looking weapons (I’d initially started in 3ds Max but this is my first in Blender) which would be invaluable preperation for the final project.

I started by using the background tool to then ‘trace’ the outline of a blade that I created using an online sword making tool.


I made a variety of hopefully goblin-looking weapons which could then be used to inform my models. Starting with the sword seemed like a good idea as I had a rough idea of how I could alter the design to my own purposes.

From my own exposure to films, games and models I decided I wanted the blade to seem thrown together, made from rusty and foraged scrap metal. This meant a degree of rust would be on the blade and might have a patchwork feel, with bits inprecisely welded on when needed, to suit the style of goblin I desired.

The blade turned out much better than I expected, with input from friends to suggest the crossguard was too symetrical.


From these I had to learn how to use the UV unwrap (as well as learning how to model in the first place using Blender) and subsequently create a UV texture and node editor that allowed me to paint onto the surface.

From there, I started with a base colour that could be worked from – reddish brown seemed appropriate. After, bringing in greys and reds to highlight edges and patches of rust that could bring the vicious blade to life. Painting both on the object itself as well as the UV was useful to see how different colours worked or didn’t – I was left with the below results.


Considering having to learn to model, UV wrap, texture and paint in a new program i feel this blade came out a lot better than I expected. I will next time try to make it more obious that it is rust, rather than a red wash and the handle I wanted to look more like leather, roughly attached to the rest of the blade in a goblin manner. Excited to model some more now.

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