Random Summer Holidays Update

So, I haven’t been on here in quite a while but have decided to get back to work on improving my game development skills by creating a fairly large Trello board. It aims to outline tasks and projects I can do (regularly) in order to maintain and improve my abilities in key areas.Screenshot_4.png

As I am aspiring to become a level designer, I have been attempting to practice a lot of environmental, structural and varying other forms of drawing, modelling and design. This includes working on ideas for my final year project and researching other ideas on websites like Pintrest, to inspire and influence my design, in order to begin to develop a fully fleshed idea.

Currently, I am hoping to create a story based game that demonstrates key skills that would be desirable in my field of choice. This includes (at present):

  • 3D Modelling
    • Structures
    • Environment
    • Animals
    • Weapons / Tools
    • Lighting, decor and props
  • Level Design
    • Sketches
    • ‘Painted’ designs (PC)
  • Animation
    • Modelling
    • Rigging
    • Animating
  • 3rd or 1st Person Character Control
    • Develop own script that can be quickly implemented for either or both controllers
  • Sound Production
    • Soundtrack for the game
    • Background ambience
    • Spot effects
  • Story Driven Adventure
    • Written story with multiple areas of interaction
    • Combat
    • Magic
    • Inventory / Collectables
  • Key Game Mechanics
    • Mountable creatures
      • Flying mechanic (user can mount a bird and fly on the back of it)
    • Day/Night cycle
    • NPC interaction
    • Inventory
    • Health and combat


Hopefully, if I am able to achieve my rather large ambitions and improve my skills then I will be in a good place to apply for jobs after graduation.

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