Darklake Hollow Devlog 12.02.2018

I have been recently really inspired by an indie game development that I am following called Equilinox. Now, I really want to get back into music and soundtrack development – was so relaxing and exciting to create worlds through music, particularly when it can then be used for Darklake Hollow.

I am considering to fully develop this small interactive into a working game. However, I may start from scratch with the coding.

I want to use interfaces and other proper OO programming to make the game expandable when needed and so am working on a UML class diagram to try to collate my ideas for classes/inheritance/interfaces/properties etc. Hopefully, this will mean when I come to write the scripts that they are straight forward and just work for all the important and interactable objects within the game.

At present, I am a little unsure about how to approach this. I’m pretty sure I want two super classes called ‘Entity’ and ‘Item’. Under entity will be either a player or and NPC and then under NPC will be either an animal or a creature. These will inherit from different interfaces – something like iKillable if the entity can be killed, or iTameable if the creature can be tamed.

Then, ‘Item’ will have three sub-classes: Weapon (sword, bow, magic staff and arrow), Consumable (potions or harvestables) and Collectable (gems or currency). I think that I will also have subclasses of these. For instance, the arrows will have multiple types which could be chosen with an enumeration (I think).

I will keep working on it and see where this leads me.

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