Darklake Hollow Devlog – 03.02.2018

After getting results back I can now go back and begin working on feedback and any bugs that have been discovered since the final demo and consequent submission.

This feedback and bugs include:

  • Improve and complete building models, including texturing and material choices
  • Improve dialogue system to have redundancy incase of player diversion from main path
  • Add a material to the crystals
  • Add spoken narration and increase the text size slightly (auto adjust for screen differences)
  • Implement goals as they are not clear and the player got lost easily
  • Implement visual and auditory feedback on crystal interaction to indicate if they are ‘cleansed’
  • Improve menu screen as it is aesthetically ugly in its current form
  • Implement a combat system to fight the evil spirits which would have to include a health variable and also actions and animation
  • Increase size and detail of town centre tree
  • Expand world
  • Water texturing – using the ‘Flow’ Unity Asset
  • Add props and interactables to the world


Further to this list of fixes are a few minor sound and visual changes. Lastly, I created an Itch.io page, for the game, where you can download and comment on the game – feedback is very welcome.

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