Street Scene Update 12.01.2018

Started the new year very busy doing a Java project as well as working on my game mechanic and street scene.

My street has greatly developed and has become increasingly more atmospheric with the addition of my own compositions for audio, as well as ambient and spot effects to bring the scene to life. Working on this as well as some rather pretty particle effects and adding post processing has quickly changed the whole dynamic and gives the user a better view of the whole cave and prettiness of the scene.

I am also currently working on the gameplay aspect, writing a script that will be the users interactive whilst exploring the snippet of the world I am creating. It will include a short backstory to set the scene and add a further visual element for the player. I am to bring to life a fantasy world where the player can solve a mystery and then suddenly the whole feeling changes, using light and auditory effects to shift the atmosphere entirely.

I have improved and reworked one of the houses and shall hopefully upgrade all the others to this standard of modelling and texturing, in the next few hours of development. Lastly, I will be working on filling the level with details like grass and shrubs, rocks, fireflies and other visual spotlights. It intends to immerse the player and draw them in before the change in style.

I made a short clip of my work (before the bridges were implemented) in this tweet and have also been streaming today to build up a developer profile online on Twitch.

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