Street Scene Update 13.12.2017

I have been busy at work, developing both my game mechanic and now also the street scene.

My task for this AINT253 module is to create an interactive experience based on a street scene theme with embedded interactive elements. It must showcase modelling, sound design and application of skills and techniques developed in the module.

Initally, I began working on concepts through a mind map that laid out ideas on style and theme as well as what considerations I might need to implement like the sound and lighting.


This lead me to three initial ideas:

  • a fantasy-horror style monster hunt interactive, where the player must solved a murder by a monster, set in a fantasy environment
  • next the idea of a Hollywood facade which would explore decades of the industry and have a time-focused story
  • and finally a sci-fi world where the ‘overfriendly’ robots were not the only thing wrong in this seemingly perfect sector

Ultimately, I decided to follow the Fantasy-Horror style  whic – after a breif research – lead me to the town of Understone from Fable 3. I wanted to take the key elements and create my own version within the context of the street scene where you are a hero who must save the villagers from a vicious murder.



Following a few hours of research and gathering moodboard resources I developed this second mind map, outlining the ideas I had for the scene.Refined_Mind_Map (1).PNG

The moodboards and research influenced my design, looking into tudor houses and their building methods led me to use a technique called jettying where there is an overhang. This would mean my designs and houses fit into a specific requirement in order to maintain my chosen aesthetic.

First house design

After this I began to design a level as well as other assets before beginning to model the game map. This took a lot of time and required a few iterations, due to learning new ways to create terrain in Autodesk 3ds Max. I ended up with a fairly large map that could then, using rock assets, be shaped into a large cave. I wanted the general theme of the scene to look something like this:



My basic level map

After a long inital design process I finally moved onto some houses and prop assets, as well as working on general lighting. I moved these into unity, adding a first person character and controller, lighting and some basic collision to keep the player in the first area.

First house, end and start
Third house
Houses in Unity to give a perspective of scale


Finally, four images of the work in progress. After some feedback I have decided to only create the upper village (Wolfoak Grotto) in order to focus on a specific area and to not go too broad for just a street scene. The idea of my street is to explore a charming village, brimming with magic, before the monster kills someone and the atmosphere is very much different.


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