Mechanic Update 08.11.2017

It has been a few days since my last update, due to other university modules that required my attention. However, I am trying to balance it all and make sure to keep developing my mechanic for the January deadline.

Today I had a major breakthrough and fixed a large number of issues with my project. Previously, I was using a Unity hinge joint in order to connect the tractor to the trailer, which is what led to the unexpected and buggy behaviour. After thinking through the problem more logically I decided I was trying to make it too difficult.

So instead, I scrapped the old version and recreated it, but using physical 3D game objects as a colliding tow bar that is hooked in. This has completely removed all the buggy behaviour and allows the vehicle to behave in a more realistic and easy to controll manner. I recorded a short clip which I attached to this tweet.


First Version of my new tractor-trailer connection

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