Mechanic Update 26.10.2017

Quite a large update today! Finally implemented an initial version of the split-screen multiplayer mechanic. In the end it was easier than expected and mapping the individual controls only required a small change to my code. I created a new public string that requires the name of the input to be typed which is then searched for in the fixed update method. 

This meant I was able to have two versions of ‘horizontal’and ‘vertical’ inputs, with WASD on player one and the arrow keys for player two.

Controller Scripting

This brings my mechanic to my MVP. Next to work on would be to iron out the major collision bugs (of the vehicle and the terrain) and then figure out a goal method to give an aim to the game. I sent out a tweet of the mechanic in action – once again with an ‘interesting’ ending.


Bug Fixes:

  • Unmovable vehicles (caused by too high a static friction on the wheels’ physics material)
  • Wheel collider trailer overlap
  • Hinge joint bugs
    • Removed the second hinge which improved handling and removed some unexpected behaviour

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